(ISAXO) In response to your letter, (ACEUK) weather is favourable

contemporary art exhibition

For 2023, the annual exhibition of contemporary art is inspired by the glocal codes of currant. It comes to life as a new poetic assemblage of two coded separate phrases: (ISAXO) in response to your letter / (ACEUK) weather is favourable. Conceived and co-curated by artists Nansy Charitonidou and Bill Psarras, five artists from Greece and UK have been invited to create new commissioned artworks; initiating a dialogue with the historical archives, the place, the emerging glocalities and the voyages of primarolia ships. Inspired by a hypothetical yet so true and hidden communication; meanings are open. The combination of two found phrases creates a new curatorial statement; is it about weather conditions? Is it about a favourable moment? Is it about new situations and data? A cryptographic condition floating between hope, romance, anxiety and waiting for a response. The processes of encryption, encoding, decoding, transmission, writing and recompositing create new approaches for potential readings of codes and symbols. A  latent memory, well-hidden; almost non-existent, available for decoding by artists.

Concept-Curation: Nansy Charitonidou – Bill Psarras

Artists: Susan Collins, Adonis Volanakis, Ilektra Maipa, Kostas Bassanos, Lily Hassioti

// Vila Kolla, University of Patras (Koukouli)

// Working hours:

Daily (except Monday) 11:00-13:30 and 18:00-21:00

(ISAXO) in response to your letter / (ACEUK) weather is favourable


(ISAXO) in response to your letter / (ACEUK) weather is favourable