Primarolia Festival returns for a fourth year in Aigio and activates another emblematic place – the old Railway Station.

Since 2019, Primarolia Festival is characterised by a nomadic identity, while changing locations alongside the historical coastal side of Aigio. It constructs trajectories of creation/creativity and operates at the same time as a meeting platform of multiple trajectories and artists’, researchers’, organisations’ and academic institutions’ meetings. Alongside the coastal side of Aigio the traces of another era, that of the Corinthian currant and its wealth are visible.

The Primarolia Festival is back!

3-11 of September 2022 we present in the old Railway Station of Aigio original events in the convergences of contemporary art, oral histories and local identity, with its main event being the contemporary art exhibition with original works of art inspired by the concept of the “boundary” as a social, political, symbolic and performative statement of a liminal era like the Corinthian currant crisis, the coming of the train and also the current pandemic era where the boundary, distance, border and mobility are concepts to be reconsidered.   

Two new collaborations are coming in September! A new online collaboration with ADAF dedicated to web art and presented to the Primarolia organisation’s Prima platform and a new hosted one with AnimaSyros presenting an original curated animation screening related to the theme of the Primarolia Festival. The festival’s program will also include oral histories, artistic workshops and music events.


Contemporary art
Contemporary culture
History and local identity


3 – 11 September 2022



With the support of NEON Organization for Culture and Development.


The programme is currently available only in the Greek language. 

How to get to the old Railway Station of Aigio