Yiannis Brouzos (Oannes) was born in Piraeus in 1977. He studied sculpture and artistic design alongside sculptor Babis Voutos. In 2002 he joined the School of Fine Arts in Athens where he studied sculpture with Prof. Thodoros Papagiannis. This is where he came into contact with scenography, Multimedia Art, Engraving and Painting, which influenced and still influence his practice. In 2009 he graduated with Distinction. He has presented his work in five solo exhibitions in Athens, Korinthos, Tinos, Zakynthos and Eleusis and has participated in over fifty group exhibitions all over the world. His sculptures appear in several museums in Greece as well as in international private collections. In 2017 he was awarded the first prize for his contribution in arts by the Social Organization of the Island of Symi “Panormitis”. OANNES has participated in two Symposia of Sculpture and his artworks feature in public spaces in Athens, Cyprus and Zakynthos. He currently lives and works in Athens and Vienna. 

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