Betty Zerva was born in Arta, Greece. She lives and works in Athens in public education. She studied painting, scenography and mosaic at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) at the painting sector led by Rena Papaspirou. She got student distinctions throughout her undergraduate studies. Zerva is member of the Filopappou Group of artists. She has worked as an illustrator of various books across education sector. Her work has been exhibited across Greece and abroad in group exhibitions; mainly with in situ works in interior and exterior spaces. Indicative exhibitions include: Weaving the Future IV, Paris 2022, Weaving the Future III, Skodra 2021, Weaving the Future II, Larissa 2021, Weaving the Future I, Athens 2019, *[un]known destinations chapter III: reconnection – a second chance, Kipseli (Athens) 2019,*“ …κάπου αλλού…”, Λεωνίδιο 2019, *[un]known destinations II Kelifos: The politics of existence, Kipseli (Athens) 2018, *[un]known destinations, Kipseli (Athens) 2017, *”Tomorrow is another day, Τomorrow is not  another today”, Athens 2016, *Refuge Project II, Milos island 2014, *Refuge Project, Milos island 2013.

Where Do We Go from Here