Intercultural projects coordination, Production assistance of festival

Sofi Moutafi (1994) is a visual artist and a project coordinator. She holds an integrated Master’s degree in audiovisual arts from the Department of Audio and Visual Arts (Ionian University, Greece). She graduated in 2019 with an award of exellence. During her studies, she was also an Erasmus+ scholar (2018-19) in the Department of Communication and Art (University of Aveiro, Portugal) where she attended classes about human resources management and multimedia projects’ management and implementation. Since 2016, she collaborated with the Municipal Theatre of Corfu (2016-2018), the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Orestiada (2017), the Megaro Music Hall of Athens (2017) and the Audiovisual Arts Festival in Corfu (2018-2019). Her artworks have been exhibited collectively and individually in exhibitions and festivals, like the interactive theatrical performance INRIRI that was presented during the Audiovisuals Arts Festival of 2019 in Corfu and the installation līmen, meaning a threshold as part of the Inspire Project 2020, at the Experimental Arts Center of Thessaloniki. Since 2021 she works on creative photography and self-portraits. She is the coordinator of intercultural projects in Primarolia organisation and the production assistant of the festival.