With cooperation and enthusiasm we sailed together with the Primarolia festival. Being a volunteer was and remains an original and special experience and I wish that we continue this amazing journey!

Vasiliki Kaimaki2021-2020-2019

Great collaboration, satisfaction from inventing technical solutions during the istallation of the artworks for the exhibition. I feel joy for contacting with such important artists and their work.

Stratos Charitonidis2021-2020-2019

Each year is a unique experience full of moments of creation and inspiration both for those contributing to the process of preparation and for those enjoying the result. A great festival which combines the past with the future and art with tradition.

Charitini Charitonidou2021-2020-2019

I had the opportunity not only to discover new skills but also meet other volunteers and many artists. It is a beautiful experience and each year this feeling of impatience for the next one is created. The next year, the next exhibition!

Amalia Nikou2021-2020

Both times I participated, I managed to go through various positions, both during the preparation and conduct of the festival. After the intense weeks of preparation, the smiles, the excitement and all the credits we received from the visitors relax us and make us happy for all our effort.

Michael Angelos Papaprokopiou2021-2020

The participation in the Primarolia festival is an experience every art student should have. It gave me the opportunity to meet people and reach out to them that would be difficult to do otherwise. I support the idea of volunteering and I think that my participation in the festival was the best use of my time.

Christina Vlachaki2021

This was an opportunity to learn unknown information about my region. To learn the history of the product that was connected more than any other with Aigio. Above all, I had the opportunity to work with people who implement the festival with passion, giving me the chance to be useful and make new friends. I look forward to the next one!

Helen Ioanna Galani2021

The cultural, historical and social character of the festival was the reason for me to participate as a volunteer. My interest in the festival increased when I met its organizers. The experience of my participation as a volunteer was special precisely because I met people who are distinguished by their creativity, positive and innovative thinking and willingness to offer.

Evangelia Petta2021

I participated in the preparation and conduct of the festival and so I was given the opportunity to meet the organizers, artists and researchers who took part in it. It was a beautiful experience that filled me with inspiration.

Malamatenia Siaveli2021

The days of our participation in the festival were creative. Days full of precious sounds and images, information about some things so familiar in our city yet so unknown, discussions and meetings with remarkable people, from the artists to the contact between us, volunteers, and also the visitors!

Maria Chasioti2021