Christos Kollias studied Classic Philosophy at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has worked in the privare sector as a philologist and the last twenty years he works in public schools of secondary education. He has specificcaly engaged in the studying of History and that is the reason why he decided to enroll in the postgraduate program “Public History” in the Hellenic Open University. He is from the town Amaliada in the region of Ilia. He grew up cultivating Corinthian currant and considered it his duty to participate in the project of Oral History for the Corinthian Currant

«From this experience with Primarolia organisation I keep the love the team has for the Corinthian currant and their dedication to the project. They showed admirable respect to the researchers and their time and will to participate voluntarily. They organised for us an exceptional series of educationals seminars online and stayed focused despite the pandemic. I would like to thank for their contribution the renowned academics and reseachers of oral history for being a part in this.»
Χρήστο Κόλλιας

The researchers of the Oral History Group for the Corinthian currant