Denia Patra was born and raised in Zakynthos. She is a BA graduate from the Department of Studies in the European Culture of the Hellenic Open University and is enrolled in the postgradute program “Public History” of the same university. 

Ever since she was a child she loved books. She is the coordinator of the Book Club Keriou for adults and a performer in reading events for children kai adults in Xenopouleios Children’s Library. She is a member of the European organisation NECI that aims in the creation of groups of European citizens from different cultural and educational background that share the same vision; equality and decent opportunities in lifelong continuous learning, health and a healthy environment. She is an accredited instructor of the international organization Living Values in Education that deals with the development and strengthening of universal values in education and other fields, through voluntary activities and programs around the world. She is a member of the Oral History Association. 

«Being a part of this journey with oral history was exciting. The narrators through their stories awoke our five senses. The vividly described their experiences and memories in a way that also the researcher became part of it. Allesandro Portelli very aptly states that oral history is an art based on a relationship between the narrator and the researcher and between the past and the present. I would like to warmly thank Primarolia organisation, the postgraduate program “Oral History” of the Hellenic Open University and the Oral History Association for this unique opportunity.»
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The researchers of the Oral History Group for the Corinthian currant