Margarita Ntemerouka was born in 1984 and grew up in a rural family in the small town Gargalianoi in Messinia. She graduated at 2006 from the Department of History and Archaelogy of the Faculty of Philosophy in the Nationial and Kapodistrian University of Athens.  In 2013 she returned to Gargalianoi. In 2021 she completed the postgradute program “Public History” in the Hellenic Open University where she received a Master’s degree. At the moment she works in the agricultural sector, is a mother of three children, participates in the local community and continues her studies in the postgraduate program “Management of Cultural Units” in Hellenic Open University. 
«I discovered the Oral History Group for the Corinthian Currant through the Hellenic Open University and their collaboration with Primarolia organisation. I found the project to conduct interviews about the memories from the Corinthian currant very interesting. Messinia was one of the regions which the cultivation of the Corinthian currant supported both socially and economically, so my participation in the group was a great opportunity to discover memories and experiences of an era slowly fading away. This experience gave me many interesting opportunities. To learn about oral history and testimonies from academics and researchers from the Oral History Association, to actually engage with my narrators and their experiences and to be a part of the presentation of our interviews and the whole project during the Primarolia Festival 2021 in Aigio.»
Μαργαρίτα Ντεμερούκα

The researchers of the Oral History Group for the Corinthian currant